KBS’s repeated apology “After the controversy, the caption of’Imperial Palace’ was confirmed, sorry for not recognizing it in advance” [공식입장]

KBS revealed the production process related to the use of paid site images of’Chosun Pop Again’ and reiterated that it was not intentionally used. The image of the background of Yonggung was used on the stage of KBS’s’Chosun Pop Again’, which was aired earlier during the Lunar New Year holiday, but this image of Yonggung […]

Yoyomi Mistrot was edited, Choi Pata

Yoyomi appeared in’Choi Pata’“I went to’Mistrot’ but edited it all”“I guess I couldn’t really do it” Photo = SBS Power FM’Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’ It was revealed that singer Yoyomi participated in TV Chosun’Mistrot’ and was edited. In SBS Power FM’s’Power Time of Choi Hwa-jeong’, which aired on the 16th, musical actor Yeon-ji Ham and […]