Anime version “Pacific Rim” de powerful battle & new notice & scene photo release approaching the mystery of the story / February 27, 2021 Page 1 –Anime –News

From the Netflix original anime series “Pacific Rim: The Dark Continent” (Netflix / worldwide exclusive distribution from March 4th), the Japanese dubbed trailer and the second key art, new scene photos have been lifted. [Video]Anime “Pacific Rim: The Dark Continent” Japanese dubbed trailer 2nd This work is an animation of the SF action movie “Pacific […]

Cartoon smile with a train ticket

| Share on Facebook | Tweeter <!– | Tweeter –> | Epingler Reader : Koreus YouTube Default – You like the site, display the ads 🙂 Code embed <input name="link_flv" type="text" value="Cartoon smile with a train ticket – Zapping “onclick =” () “readonly =” true “size =” 20 “/> During a trip to Ireland, […]

Be fast – cosplay for fun!

A cosplay montage from the 2014 Austin World Wizard Comic Con. This is the second version of this video I made (new music this time). Stay young in everyone’s heart! Video for fun and not for profit. PS Special thanks to Noah and the ladies in the podcast anomaly.

Enako responds to the cosplay appearance of “ONE PIECE” and “Perona” “Ho, it’s real ~!”

CosplayersofEnakoButFebruary 22To ownInstagramUpdated.manga「ONE PIECE」(Shueisha)ofcharacterofCosplayThe figure is open to the public and is receiving a lot of attention. [See the photo]The degree of perfection is amazing …! Enako, “ONE PIECE” “Perona” cosplay figure (in addition, sexy “cow pattern bikini” SHOT etc.) This day,Enako“Weekly” released todayplayBoy“ofONE PIECECollaborationWith Perona in the planningShirahoshiofCosplayI participated ingetPlease doThank you“WhencommentAnd posted a […]

Yumi Asahina The role of an AI robot from the near future, responding to the naughty requests of her husband — Media “Merumo” that supports hobby girls

Yumi Asahina has a good reputation for “exposure” since her gravure debut in 2016. Not only does it have a large flesh-colored area, but it has also attracted many artistic exposures with its outstanding sense from art school. As he said in past interviews, “Even with the same exposure, I changed it every time due […]

KBS’s repeated apology “After the controversy, the caption of’Imperial Palace’ was confirmed, sorry for not recognizing it in advance” [공식입장]

KBS revealed the production process related to the use of paid site images of’Chosun Pop Again’ and reiterated that it was not intentionally used. The image of the background of Yonggung was used on the stage of KBS’s’Chosun Pop Again’, which was aired earlier during the Lunar New Year holiday, but this image of Yonggung […]

Blogger MrBeast found a “clone” among Belarusian youtubers, and this is Vlad Bumaga. It’s not about the image, but theft

Youtuber MrBeast noticed that the Belarusian video blogger Vlad Bumaga “steals” his covers for his own A4 channel on YouTube. But while some fans, led by showman Logan Paul, supported the idol, Russian-speaking users explained why there won’t be a hate. Popular American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his pseudonym MrBeast, posted an exposing […]

I heard the secret of the popular museum that you can do about 300 uniform cosplays | Niconico News

(Photograph provided: Japanese quilt clothing) Fair Trade Commissionof”2017PublicJunior high schoolAccording to the “Uniform Transaction Survey”, public schools nationwideJunior high schoolThe percentage of those who specify uniforms is as high as 98.6%. The main reasons for this are (1) to maintain order and guide students, (2) to raise awareness of belonging to school, and (3) to […]

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