Funds borrowed from ETF bargain-hunting equity ETFs have the most net inflows of the three equity ETFs | Huatai Berry_Sina Finance_Sinanet

Original title: The more you fall, the more you buy!Funds borrowed from ETFs to buy bottoms. Equity ETFs had a net inflow as a whole, with three attracting the most money, and many thematic ETFs suffered net outflows. Source: Finance Associated Press Since the beginning of this month, Baotuan heavy stocks have continued to fall. […]

China Games ETF will be listed on March 5th

Original title: China Games ETF will be listed on March 5 according toChina Asset ManagementNews released on March 3, March 5, China GamesETFWill be listed and traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.As the first batch to participate in domestic animation gamesindustryindexinvestmentThe listing of the ETF provides investors with one-click layout of the leading game industry […]