First collaboration with “Kimetsu no Yaiba” smartphone game “Kotodaman”! Pre-release of the character visual “★ 5 Tanjiro Kamado (Sagiriyama)” will also be distributed | Anime! Anime!

The first collaboration between the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and the smartphone game app “Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman” will be held from February 25, 2021. Prior to this, the visuals of 7 characters including “Tanjiro Kamado” and “Purgatory Anjuro” were released in advance. “Kotodaman x Devil’s Blade”[Click the image to go to the photo gallery]“Kyoutou […]

Regular distribution of more than 1000 episodes of anime such as TV TOKYO and “NARUTO” to Arabic-speaking countries | Anime! Anime!

TV TOKYO Corporation has started regular distribution of over 1,000 episodes of animated works such as “NARUTO” to the Arabic-speaking Middle East and North Africa. TV TOKYO has already aired “NARUTO”, “NARUTO Shippuden”, “BORUTO NEXT GENERATIONS” and “Fruit Basket” through “STARZ PLAY”, a flat-rate video distribution service that represents the Arabic-speaking world. Started providing video […]

[Reader Questionnaire Project]”Thank you” for the anime! Saved, courageous … scream your feelings![# Labor Thanksgiving Day]| Anime! Anime!

March 9th is Labor Thanksgiving Day. The date is from the pun that reads “Sun (3) Cue (9)” (Thank you). There are several days of gratitude for relatives such as “Father’s Day” and “Mother’s Day”, but as you go through your life, you will meet people and events that you want to thank in various […]

What is the most recommended work for the 2021 winter anime “now”? 3rd place “The Promised Neverland” 2nd term, 2nd place “Attack On Titan The Final Season”, 1st place …

Many of the winter animations that will mark the beginning of 2021 have finished their first broadcast. In this term as well, we have a variety of titles, from original titles that are attracting attention to topical works that were desired to be animated, and sequels to blockbuster works. Anime! Anime! So, I previously conducted […]