Anime Los Angeles ALA 2013 FanVid 02

The animated Los Angeles ALA 2013 takes place at the Los Angeles Airport Marriot in Los Angeles, California. Special thanks to: Brinni: Cosect Effektd: Kei Ta: Kei.Tsubasa.Cosplay.Photography?fref=ts Strawberry Censor Cosplay: Music: Shutout by Unlimits Audio content for this video belongs to respective recording artist and record label . No money was […]

Dragon Age – Cosplay Fan Film, by Cameko Sam

Production, direction, photography, editing, VFX, sound: Cosplayers: Sumyuna as Flemeth Nebulaluben as Morrigan Wolfenizer as Hawke Sender as Anders Nika as Merrill Cait as Fenris WIlbur as Isabela Zihark as Zevran Maro as Carver Facebook fan pages: = ts ts = ts Concept and assets […]

girl visiting Bella Swan

The girl showed how she watches the movie “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and immediately transforms into her Bella, finding herself in the heroine’s kitchen. Fans of the vampire saga have checked out the original house, but cosplay is not very much. Bella and Jacob are not the same in this version. TikTok user Jordan […]