Inu-Oh |

content / criticism Japan in the 14th century. When young Tomona sets out with his father to salvage a shipwreck, they have no idea what they will find there. So far, a legendary sword was hidden there, which once revealed robs Tomona of his sight and kills his father. Traveling the country, the boy makes […]

The Elder Scrolls Online (The Elder Scrolls Online)

Resources Introduction “The Elder Scrolls Online (The Elder Scrolls Online)”is produced by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda SoftworksMassively Multiplayer Role PlayingPlay this award-winning online multiplayer role-playing game with over 20 million players and experience limitless adventures in the timeless world of The Elder Scrolls. Fight, craft, scramble or explore, and combine different kinds […]

Your Name: New director for live-action anime

In 2017, it was first announced that Paramount and producer JJ Abrams would release the anime your name – Yesterday, today and forever want to adapt as a real film. Three years later, Lee Isaac Chung, a director, was brought on board, but since then things have been pretty quiet about the project. Now there […]