Gorillaz Humility on Ice

Put together a quick video of my skating in Cosplay! None of these were choreographed; my friends just recorded my practice during open ice. Enjoy! (And no, I couldn’t really see anything.) 2D and Humility © Gorillaz Partnership / Warner Bros Cosplay © McKellsen & The-We-Are-Dury on Tumblr (Instagram @mckellsen)

Medvedeva, “Howl’s Moving Castle” Sophie’s perfect cosplay is talked about as “too real” in Japan and Russia | Hint-Pot

Evgenia Medvedeva[Photo: Getty Images] With the Tokyo Olympics in the summer this year and the Beijing Olympics in the winter next year, the sports world is drawing more attention. The “Hint-Pot Sports SNS Survey Team” will deliver players who want to know about this opportunity and stories that make you feel a little relaxed, from […]