Anime Human Chess Match 2018

World collides once again, as Shang Tsung takes on the role of the Black King at the conclusion of several years of planning and conspiracy! See what happened when Keith, Paladin of Voltron, stood as mankind’s last hope. Will good dominate over evil? Find out in the 2018 Anime Human Chess Match from METROCON 2018! […]

Anime Boston 2010

Couldn’t let these colorful dyes go un-shot. The atmosphere around Hynes was just so festive and amazing; I’ve never seen such an excited group of adults. Shot on the 7D again (lend me by SCAN TV, whose page should all go check IMMEDIATELY!). Music is the brand new Gorillaz track “Melancholy Hill” cut from Plastic […]

Final Fantasy XV – Live Action Tribute

“Guys … You’re the best!” Not the love for this amazing video series, we thought of one way to pay tribute to its last chapter! As cosplayers, videomakers, but especially FINAL FANTASY FANS we hope you will enjoy this collaboration, this was in fact a co-production between WHALE WHALE PRODUCTION ( and MUFFIN GEEK PRODUCTION […]

Legend of Mindi

Mindi is looking for a job. But this proves to be a challenge as she struggles with behavioral and mental skills. His determination pushed him beyond all that. She fights her way into her own world, like her favorite video game character.