Black Desert Online is free to download

This time, Pearl Abyss thought it would throw up the spring with some gift games, so it made a remastered version of Black Desert Online available for free until March 10, after which we will be able to keep it forever. This spring, the free bagging games will almost hit each other, with Pearl Abyss […]

China Games ETF will be listed on March 5th

Original title: China Games ETF will be listed on March 5 according toChina Asset ManagementNews released on March 3, March 5, China GamesETFWill be listed and traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.As the first batch to participate in domestic animation gamesindustryindexinvestmentThe listing of the ETF provides investors with one-click layout of the leading game industry […]

Interactive video game “Role Playing: Deep Immersion” released on March 14-Game-cnBeta.COM

The interactive video-style adventure game “Role Player: Full Immersion” is now available on the Steam store. The game supports Traditional Chinese and will be officially released on March 14. access: 2021 Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Procurement Season: Purchase subsidies, recharge coupons, and pre-emptive purchases… Game promo: >>>>Steam store link “Role Playing: Deep Immersion” will take the […]