Kosple – Episode 6/6

You know that you thought about doing it. Dress up and act like your favorite ass, your most admired music scene or villain in a movie. The mystery and wonderment that is cosplay has plagued Jordan for years, but it has finally done something about it! To get to the core of the motivation behind […]

Insomnia56 cosple

Cosplay is getting bigger and bigger in every insomnia event. The team keeps the cosplayers in action and interviews some of them. As the director of the video, I made sure everyone knew the briefing of what film and of the best possible quality. I even acted as a camera operator myself, allowing me to […]

Cosplay America Documentary 2018

Cosplay America is the first East Coast Cosplay-Centered Convention in the United States. We are supported by cosplayers for the cosplay community. Our mission is to share, learn, and have fun with the community of people with a passion for cosplay, creation, and photography. We encourage the DIY spirit that comes with cosplay and would […]