Ghost Valley Bahuang Jianxiu Three Red First Weather Fortune Perfect Start File Sharing, Jianxiu Strongest Start First Weather Fortune Match[多图] -Game Guide-Game Box Download Station

What will Guigu Bahuang Jianxiu start with? Early weather luck is a characteristic gameplay in the Ghost Valley Bahuang game. It can affect the life of a character. Each different gameplay has different requirements for the early weather luck. As a popular gameplay, sword repair is a perfect start. The red archive has been brushed […]

Role-playing game “Ghost Valley and Eight Wastes” limited-time promotion for only 61 yuan_山海经

2021-02-03 20:40 source:DoNews game Original title: Role-playing game “Ghost Valley Bahuang” limited-time promotion for only 61 yuan The domestic role-playing game “Ghost Valley Bahuang” developed by Guigu Studio has launched a limited-time promotion in the Steam Mall. The original price is 68 yuan, and the price is now reduced by 10%. The price is only […]