My favorite anime

Nykai used “MT Upload” to YouTube Wild! … Nykai attack failed … YouTube Wild offended the combat. Basically that’s why I’m uploading it here. Copyright YT caca D: This is nothing more than a test that I did (I spent all afternoon with the nonsense) to learn how to use a small video editing program: […]

Top 125 Anime Openings

Laws and copyrights: I do not own any of the music, clips, images, franchises, or anything else in this video. The purpose of this video is solely to support the anime industry and to promote the official releases of our anime community.

[CMV] Guilty Crown ~ Euterpe ~ Cosplay Live Action

No copyright infringement is intended. This is a non-professional video designed just for fun. and for the love of Guilty Crown anime. Special thanks to all the cosplayers in this video! Credit: I don’t own the music! Music: “Euterpe” (EGOIST) video editing by Lyne Cosplay Production cast: Chibi Datenshi Cosplay as Yuzuriha Inori Yorutsu (Mutuality) […]