Gunma Prefecture Tambara Ski Park December 24th to 25th “TAMBARA HAPPY X’mas” will be held! : Isa!

Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. One-day pass for Santa cosplay customers is 1,000 yen At “Tambara Ski Park” (general manager: Kenji Takeuchi) operated by Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tatsuaki Tanaka) in Numata City, Gunma Prefecture, Friday, December 24th. ), We are pleased to announce that “TAMBARA HAPPY X’mas” […]

Enako, a cosplayer, is appointed as the official ambassador for “Tokyo eSports Festa 2022”! !! : Isa!

Tokyo eSports Festa 2022 Management Office Tokyo eSports Festa 2022: Enako, a cosplayer, has been appointed as the official ambassador of the event “Tokyo eSports Festa 2022”, which consists of eSports competitions and related industry exhibitions, with the aim of popularizing eSports and promoting related industries. So I will inform you. The official ambassador […]

[Applications accepted]We will hold a screening of the North Korean abduction enlightenment animation “Megumi” (December 5, Takehara City * Advance application required) | Hiroshima Prefecture

In this prefecture, an animation screening will be held jointly with the national government and Takehara City in order to resolve the abduction issue by North Korea as soon as possible. The North Korean abduction issue enlightenment animation “Megumi” was left behind in 1977, when Megumi Yokota, who was a first-year junior high school student […]

Learn the secret of innovation from popular anime characters | Challenge the world’s first with Japanese aesthetics | Diamond Online

Did you know that the 1200-year-old Kyoto traditional craft Nishijin-ori textiles are used in the interiors of stores of world-class brands such as Dior, Chanel, Hermes, and Cartier?A pioneer who had a sense of crisis in the declining Nishijin-ori market and was the first to succeed in developing overseas markets. That is Mr. Masataka Hosoo, […]