“It will be seen by all the fans …!” Enako’s first “no cosplay” photobook bonus postcard 5 types of visuals released | Super!Animedia

“OFF COSTUME”, a collection of photographs taken by top photographer Kazutaka Nakamura, of “Japan’s number one cosplayer” Enako, will be released on September 21st (Tuesday). This time, a special postcard that will be randomly enclosed has been released. “OFF COSTUME” is Enako’s first “no cosplay” photo book taken in almost no makeup. The 1,000 books […]

Drawing on Anime

A documentary about my group’s animated and I made for our ‘Leading Documentary’ class. there were some insoluble issues with this video. for some reason, the volume didn’t play very well in school, but it played fine in my house. So there may or may not be some volume issues …

TV anime “Puraore! ~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~ ”will be broadcast on ABEMA ahead of terrestrial broadcasting and the fastest single broadcast | Super!Animedia

TV anime “Puraore! ~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~ ”will be broadcast on“ ABEMA ”from 22:30 on October 6, 2021 (Wednesday). “Puraore! ~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~ ”is a joint media mix project between CyberAgent’s Anime Business Headquarters and“ DMM GAMES ”operated by the limited liability company EXNOA. A story about us. Starting with the TV […]

The repertoire of the cinema center “Pyramid” for the fall. KAMCHATKA-INFORM.

From September 16 “Dune” (12+) – frame, adventure, fiction “FixiKINO. Big Break “(0+) – family cartoon “Little Thunder” (0+) – cartoon “Scream. Bloody dedication “(18+) – thriller, horror “The Bachelor at the Wedding” (16+) – comedy “All About Sex” (18+) – Comedy Drama From 23 September “My Little Pony: The New Generation” (6+) – comedy […]

Cosplay interview of the week: Morrigan Lynx

– ENGLISH VERSION HERE! – – Click here for Japanese version!- designed and realized by meBroken Doll Of The CarillonPh: the amazing @vincenzo._.tocci Tell us about yourself Hi, my name is Milena Vigo, I am 38 years old and I live in Milan, I am passionate about video games, music, cinema, comics and cats! Ph: […]

Summer anime “Getter Robo Ark” “Be sure to defeat!” The confrontation with each thought begins now … Episode 11 Pre-cut | Anime! Anime!

From the TV anime “Getter Robo Ark”, the outline and preceding scene cut of the 11th episode “Wish” of the broadcast from September 12 (Sun) has been released. Summer animation “Getter Robo Ark” key visual “Getter Robo Ark” is the first visualization of the final chapter of “Getter Robo Saga”, which depicts the fierce battle […]

Summer Anime “That Time I Got Resura Phase 2” Mirim has been brainwashed by Clayman …!? Episode 46 Preceding Cut | Anime! Anime!

From the second part of the TV anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, the outline and preceding scene cut of the 46th episode “Demon Lords’ Banquet-Walpurgis” broadcast from September 7th (Tuesday) has been released. Summer animation “Tsuru Sura Phase 2” key visual The original of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a […]