“SPY x FAMILY” Anya and Yol united!?

Cosplayer Shokora is a popular manga “SPY×FAMILY” posted a cosplay of Anya Forger on Instagram. [Video]Animation “SPY×FAMILY” The manga “SPY x FAMILY” by Tatsuya Endo, serialized in “Shonen Jump+” (Shueisha), is a “spy action + sitcom” centered on the main character of a brilliant spy and his family. The story of overcoming incidents as a […]

Enako and Iori Moera’s unit “PPE41” new song is a summer pop tune – KAI-YOU.net

Enako-san, Iori Moe-san, Shinozaki Kokoro-san, and other popular idols in the cosplay and gravure world.PPE41However, the 2nd single “Onegai☆Destiny” will be distributed and released on Wednesday, August 3. Following the 1st single “LIE! LIE? PANIC!!”, the lyrics and composition were written and composed by singer-songwriter ZAQ, and arranged by EFFY. Prior to the release of […]

Mecha-mechanical banknotes are cool Cyberpunk x Japanese style = strongest! -KAI-YOU.net

Whether it’s “Blade Runner” or “Cyberpunk 2077”, the compatibility between Japan and cyberpunk is guaranteed. In other words, if Japanese-style banknotes shine in cyberspace…coolThat means! 「It’s so bright!A video posted on Twitter with the words “. In the video, you can see the letters on the banknote printed on the acrylic plate glowing red, along […]

Enako appears on the cover of “Kindai Mahjong”! “Kemomimi” & Hakama figure “looks great” “The most beautiful in the world” fans faint in agony | News | ABEMA TIMES

of popular cosplayersEnako showed off her cute hakama on her Twitter. She is attracting attention on the Internet, saying that she is “too cute” and “the furry ears are the best”. Enako is a very popular cosplayer with over 1.63 million followers on Twitter and over 2.07 million followers on Instagram. In recent years, in […]

Summer Anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2” The morning after one night with Ruka, Kazuya invites Chizuru to rent her… Episode 5 Preceding Cut | Anime! animation!

From the second season of the summer anime “She will borrow”, the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the satisfaction level 17 “Birthday and her -Barkano-“, which is the fifth episode of the broadcast from Friday, July 29, 2022. It was published. Summer anime “She will borrow 2nd season” key visual “She, I will borrow” […]

“There is no voice of regulation” Participants who enjoy cosplay … The biggest Japan festival in the UK is held in real life | International | ABEMA TIMES

The infection of the new corona is spreading nationwide again. What is happening overseas other than Japan, as events such as those scheduled for this summer announce their cancellation? [Video]Local fans enjoying anime cosplay (with images) * Around 7:20 ~ “If you get infected with the new corona in the UK, you don’t need to […]