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Top 10 best anime in 2019

There, the best Japanese anime gossip in 2019, Zhou Yi, is two sister groups with different personalities but they are together because of music, Super Xiaobai and Nakajima. Let’s take a look at the top ten touching moments in Aquaman. It is about the Taisho period, the sister detective who confuses men, the fourth part, […]

Delete the scene from Sushi’d animated manga cartoon / anime inspired series

A deleted scene from the animated series Sushi’d to support iOS and Android games Sushi’d is an infinite rider full of adventure and action set in fresh Japanese scenery and streaming Cherry Blossom mixing Manga and Anime inspired characters with modern design and fashion. iOS Android Sushi’d packed with pieces Coins you can […]

Well-known Coser Enako showcases wide overcoat warehouse netizens marvel at being really professional

Original title: The well-known Coser Enako showcases the wide coat warehouse. Netizens marvel that they are really professional The well-known Coser Enako showed off the wide coat warehouse. Netizens were amazed that they were really professional Under the glamorous appearance of COS’s various animation and game characters, there are secrets that are not recognized. The […]