The CCP’s censorship has caused a group of cartoon and animation fans to “emigrate to Taiwan” | State Administration of Radio, Film and Television | Radio and Television Law | Audiovisual Programs | Censorship | Japanese Animation

[Voice of Hope April 10, 2021](Reported by our reporter Yang Zheng)Recently, the CCP has strengthened its censorship of audio-visual programs, including online cartoons, which led to the disappearance of a large number of Japanese cartoons on Chinese websites. Chinese animation fans have outraged and expressed their intention to “emigrate to Taiwan” over the wall. The […]

Satoru Gojo is putting magic on a woman’s heart with ‘190cm tall + strongest ability’

Magic rotation [인사이트] Reporter Kim Han-sol =’The Magic Rotation’, which drew a stroke in the animation industry following the’blade of demonic extinction’. In particular, Satoru Gojo, a high school teacher specializing in Tokyo magic, made many women’heart pounding’ and became a ‘2D boyfriend’. Recently, various online communities have posted posts that remind you of the […]

“I am looking for a youth to draw animation in Japan while receiving a’full scholarship’ from Netflix.”

Articles unrelated to the article Photo / gettyimagesBank [인사이트] Reporter Han-Sol Kim = An opportunity to realize your dream of becoming an animator came by receiving a scholarship from Netflix. If you are usually interested in animation, let’s focus on this article. On the 13th, Japanese media’Sora News’ announced that the animation production company’WIT Studio’ […]