Elf ear painting for cosplay and costumes Timelapse

HI everyone! I’m back with another timelapse video. Let’s paint some elf ears together! I’m planning on writing up a full tutorial, and I’ll link it here when it’s ready. Materials: – Unpainted moon elf ears from Aradani suits (These are latex condoms, so if you have a latex allergy I recommend using silicone or […]

Steampunk valentine cosplay Minihat

Steampunk Valentines Cosplay Minihat A handmade minihat for Valentines Day. This one features a pink ‘and love’ background with pink and lilac bows, a red rose and large peacock feathers. Great steampunk cosplay accessory or ideal gift. This Steampunk Valentines Cosplay Minihat is a must have for Steampunk, with Victorian parties and balls or as […]