Gunma Prefecture Tambara Ski Park December 24th to 25th “TAMBARA HAPPY X’mas” will be held! : Isa!

Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. One-day pass for Santa cosplay customers is 1,000 yen At “Tambara Ski Park” (general manager: Kenji Takeuchi) operated by Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tatsuaki Tanaka) in Numata City, Gunma Prefecture, Friday, December 24th. ), We are pleased to announce that “TAMBARA HAPPY X’mas” […]

“Spare me, great lord!” watch online

Added – 2 series Total – 12 episodes 3 series – December 10 Final grade: 9.32 out of 10 (votes: 82) Description of the plot “Spare me, great lord!” Magic began to return to our world, life will never be boring and monotonous again. Everyone who opposed me must die. I am a high school […]

Anime “Spare me, great lord!” TV-1 watch online

Added: 02 December 2021 | Series: [2 из 12] Da Wang Rao Ming Spare Me, Great Lord! The king is forgiving Year: 2021 Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy Duration: 12 episodes Country: China Director: Unknown Sound system: Anistar “Spare me, great lord!” TV-1 – description It happens that among ordinary people unique personalities are born, […]

Enako, a cosplayer, is appointed as the official ambassador for “Tokyo eSports Festa 2022”! !! : Isa!

Tokyo eSports Festa 2022 Management Office Tokyo eSports Festa 2022: Enako, a cosplayer, has been appointed as the official ambassador of the event “Tokyo eSports Festa 2022”, which consists of eSports competitions and related industry exhibitions, with the aim of popularizing eSports and promoting related industries. So I will inform you. The official ambassador […]

World Show: “Fish Rental House” officially debuted on “Honnverse Rainbow Universe”_ 东方

Summary [Tianxia Show: “Fish-style Rental House” officially debuted on “Honnverse Rainbow Universe”]On November 11, a reporter from China Securities News learned from Tianxia Show that the well-known domestic animation IP “Fish Too Free” life scene “Fish-style Rental House” “Officially appeared on the “Honnverse Rainbow Universe” under the banner of the World Show. As a new […]