Officially invited to the Annecy Anime Film Festival for “Nikuko-chan at the Fishing Port” and appeared at the pacific saury Akashiya & Shinobu Otake Completion Report Meeting |

It was announced that the completion debriefing session for the animated film “Fishing Port Meat Child” was held yesterday, May 26, and was officially invited to the “Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021”. >> Click here for the synopsis and cast of “Nikuko-chan at the fishing port” The event was attended by pacific saury Akashiya, […]

“True North”, which depicts the “reality” of the North Korean concentration camp in 3D animation, will be released on June 4th and the new trailer will be unveiled |

In June, a shocking work “True North” that depicts the inside of the North Korean concentration camp with reference to survivor testimony and captures the growth of family members and their friends living in a harsh environment with 3D animation It will be released from 4th (Friday). The new trailer and poster visual have been […]