AnimeKon 2011 Official After Movie

AnimeKon is the ONLY convention of Caribbean pop culture. Our show floor features the latest and greatest in animation, gaming, comics, graphic novels, graphic arts, anime, manga, video games, games, movies, technology and loads more !! Our expert panel discussions and autograph sessions will give fans a chance to get up close and personal with […]

Aeria Gloris photoshop breakdown

Ghost in the Shell SAC: Omi Gibson Cosplay Fanart Tribute Cosplay by: Omi Gibson Stocks Photos http: / / Ghost in the Shell © Shirow Masamune Production IG Wallpaper ->

[MesseHunter & DirtyPlaygroundCosplay] Misa & Light – Das Date

At a small local meeting in our area, we were once again in the beautiful company of two wonderful cosplayers! ReWeJuls [Light] ( and the cat sky [Misa] ( by DirtyPlaygroundCosplay ( Two of them are always up for fun, and since I want to have a short, fun one wanted to cut the video, […]

“Hey Mama” Cosplay Music Video

We do not own the song or character in this video. Hello! ~ So here is our newest CMV! (hopefully he doesn’t get copyrighted gahh EDIT: he did …) So! I listened to this song and I immediately thought of the relationship between Light / Misa, Sakura / Sasuke, and Mikasa / Eren. (Though I […]

Genshin Impact, the gacha game that has depopulated

You’ve almost certainly heard of Genshin Impact, a free to play game (to be precise a Gacha MMORPG open world) developed by miHoYo which, mainly thanks to the graphics of the characters, has captured the attention of many people, including Cosplayers. Traveler Lumine ed Aether Launched on September 28, 2020 for Windows, PS4, Android, iOS […]