Star Wars in everyday life

KEDD THURSDAY IN 5 EPISODES. Made by fans and for fans for non-commercial use. ————————————————– ————————- Jedi Knight – Denis Pima-sensei Pimenov. Jedi Padawan – Annie Ragnarek. Clerk – Irina Moyseenko. Clumsy passer – Nikolay Klimov. Driver – Alexandr Gorbanev. Master Thursday – Eugen Kolosov. Cats – semen. Director / Video Operator: cxAlena. Editing / […]

MaytheFourth 2018 StarWars cosplay-extended piece

So after winning the local costume contest we decided to take the younglings city and create something seasonal. We hope you enjoy. Pieces – Cosplay Chapter – Knoxville Tn Directed / Filmed by InTempest Nan association with GlassRoseStudios MUSIC CREDIT: Nathan Turley, Stuart Edge and produced by Adam Turley […]