Kano Sisters Official Blog –⚜️ A little quick 🩸 Healing 💎 Halloween-1 ⚜️ Biohazard. Village ⚜️ Dmitresque 💖 ⚜️ Kano Art Cosplay 🦋💋✨✨ –Powered by LINE

Now, A little quick healing Halloween 🎃 From our dear and dear ones Of a fervent encore request Kano Art Cosplay After all from before From our dear and dear ones A hot request There were so many Resident Evil. Village ⚜️ Dmitresque ⚜️ But … At your request “Especially Kyoko-san …” There was, To […]

Shizuka Takeda Official Blog –Cosplay 🧸 Maskma 💗 –Powered by LINE

⁡(( 𝐇𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐜𝐨𝐬𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 )) @dazzy_official @drw_official ⁡⁡⁡(Notice)Because it’s a corona bruise, even the maskIt’s cosplay 👻!⁡⁡⁡Cute … 🧸💗⁡⁡⁡⁡⁡⁡⁡⁡⁡The glossy hairHair salon @ rip.hair In charge @hayato_imaoka With super long hairBleachReturn to dark brownWhat can be stretched beautifully foreverHair quality improvement recare treatmentThanks to you!⁡Thank you always!⁡⁡ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーHome care① Shampoo conditioner has silicon② The treatment to wash […]

Moe Iori Official Blog –Young Gangan –Powered by LINE

Hello! This time, we are decorating the cover of Young Gangan released on April 16th! 🌸 In Young Gangan, “The dress-up doll falls in love”Appeared in collaboration gravure What a third collaboration gravure …! Thank you 🌸 Following the previous Liz Kyun, a new character cosplayI’m allowed to check it out (face) Especially this collaboration […]

miao_official Official Blog –Moe Ishida, First Bonus Party ♡ –Powered by LINE

Hello everyone,Moe IshidaIt is ♡♡ There was a privilege party on 3/20 ⌯’▾’⌯ 1 part 2 part 3 part system  Part 1 Military uniform cosplay 🧸🎀Part 2 China Dress 🐼🇨🇳Part 3 Uniform-like plain clothes! 🎶 was! What did everyone like ❔🐈‍⬛ Share to those who couldn’t come with the photo ~ ❕ Those who […]

LINE FRIENDS and Tencent Weishi reached a strategic cooperation to lay out the Chinese content market with short videos as a starting point

Original title: LINE FRIENDS and Tencent Weishi reached a strategic cooperation to lay out the Chinese content market starting from short videos February 16, InternationalCreativityjobsLINE FRIENDS announced theTencentMicrovision reachedstrategyCooperate with Tencent Weishi short video platform and release it as LINE FRIENDS short video contentMain forcePlatform, develop vertical screen short video content, layout local contentMarket。 On […]

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