Super Mario Bros. movie pushed back to 2023

It’s been a long time since Mario’s last live-action feature film was in 1993. Now fans worldwide have to look forward to the release of “Super Mario Bros.” be patient with Chris Pratt a little longer than originally announced, because this has been postponed to 2023. Instead of December 21 of this year, the film […]

NFT / live distribution platform “COSPLAY MODE DX” specializing in cosplay released | Virtual currency news media Bit Times

On March 9, 2022, Exia Digital Asset Co., Ltd. partnered with “COSPLAY MODE”, whose subsidiary “METASSET” is supported by domestic and foreign cosplayers, to specialize in cosplay. Announced that the beta version of the live distribution platform “COSPLAY MODE DX” has started operation. Read here: “Recipient information” is required for cryptocurrency remittance “Cryptocurrency assets” related […]

Fullmetal Alchemist gets two movies

The Fullmetal Alchemist brand has existed for many years in the form of manga, anime series, anime films and live-action adaptations. Now two new live-action films are to follow. With the titles “Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Avenger Scar” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Last Transmutation”, the announced films could show and […]

The theme song artists for the TV anime “Rust-Eater Bisco” are JUNNA and Bisco & Miro (CV: Ryota Suzuki & Natsuki Hanae) | OKMusic

The second PV of the up-and-coming TV anime “Rust-Eater Bisco”, which started broadcasting in January 2022, has been released, and the opening theme “I can’t even hear the sound of the wind” has been lifted. In addition, it became clear that the ending theme will be the “roar” of the main characters Bisco & Milo […]