Riot Games premieres LoL anime “Arcane”

2021-11-06 07:29:00 <!––> Riot Games has unveiled the opening credits for the League of Legends anime Arcane. The video appeared on the show’s twitter. The video showed the figures of the main characters of the anime, which are made of ceramics or stone. On the recording, you can see Caitlin, Heimerdinger, Jace, Victor and other […]

MANGEKYOU NO TAIYOU – SNA-FU Grand Disorder orchestra

Official Music Video for Mangekyou No Taiyou On SNA-FU Grand Désordre Orchester’s last album MIGHTY GALVANIZER — Directed by SNA-FU Grand Désordre Orchester & Thornaad Catapulta – NOU PA PWOPOYE VIDEO SA – Mèsi Koute & telechaje: iTUNES: http: // AMAZON: FNAC: http: // musique .fnac. com / a3077072 / Sna-Fu-Mighty-galvanizer-CD-album — […]

Tensai Fever: one day

Summary of the first day of Tensai Fever, an event held in Temuco Chile by the Anime Tensai group. ______________________________ Compilation on the Expo “Tensai Fever”, first day. It was organized by Tensai Anime group here in Temuco (Chile)