The beauty blogger swung her brush and became Kristen Stewart. Not even Robert Pattinson can tell her from the real Bella

The girl copied Kristen Stewart’s appearance with makeup with such accuracy that even Edward Cullen could not distinguish her from Bella Swan. It’s time for plastic surgeons to strain, because if she teaches everyone to do this, they will lose their jobs. Tiktokersha cartwrightztzk93 She is so fond of make-up that she dedicated almost all […]

The blogger bought lingerie from Kim Kardashian and it worked magically. But the girl did not expect transformation into Winnie the Pooh

Tiktokersha showed what the SKIMS lingerie from Kim Kardashian looks like, and an honest review from the girl amused thousands of commentators. After all, the corrective shorts and the top in her case worked in the opposite way – and instead of bends, they presented the blogger with the figure of a well-fed man. Kim […]