My daughter is crazy about games and anime!

Usually, the main characters in anime are finely organized personalities. There are a lot of lyrics in anime. I don’t see anything terrible for a teenager. Anime is a very teenage genre. Often touching, vulnerable, beautiful, inspired. Look at something. The same “Ghost in the Shell” (cyberpunk) or “Your name” (family). The fact that her […]

GSS: Film, Anime and Computer Effects have won several awards

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Top 20 Anime Kiss Scene # 1

Hello guys call me Shizuelika you can call me Elia. This is my first video on Vimeo. I’m an Otaku and I love making these kinds of videos. I also speak German. So here is the first Part of My Top 20 Anime Kiss Scene I hope you like and enjoy it.

Anime Short FilmArt)

Fire Emblem -Fan Art- Love Story (Short Film / Drama / Magic and Live Action Type: D Games are Fire Emblem Awakening and Super Smash Bros Ultimate Hope you liked: D Inch up If you liked! And if you want to support me, Subscribe and click the $ button at my support site I […]