The broadcast date and opening theme of the TV anime “Vinland Saga” SEASON 2, which depicts the world of Vikings, has been decided! | Life in Northern Europe

The “real warrior story (saga)” has received a great response both in Japan and overseas, such as winning the triple crown, including the grand prize of the year at the “Anime Trending Awards 2020″ in the TV anime, and the cumulative circulation of the original has exceeded 7 million copies. Vinland Saga”. SEASON 2, which […]

TV anime “Vinland Saga” depicting the world of Viking SEASON2 will be broadcast from January 2023! | LifTe Scandinavian life

The story of Makoto Yukimura’s “True Warrior”, which has received a great deal of attention from both inside and outside Japan, including the annual grand prize at the “Anime Trending Awards 2020” in the TV anime, and the triple crown. Saga) “” Vinland Saga “. The long-awaited “SEASON 2”, which depicts the sequel to the […]