Marvel Legends Series Captain America: The Winter Soldier Stealth Shield Adult Collectible Cosplay Item

MARVEL INSPIRED: This blue and white Captain America shield is inspired by Captain America’s outfit in the Marvel movies HIGH QUALITY SHIELD WITH ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: This beautiful collector’s item has adjustable straps to wear it like Captain America when he goes into battle ACTUAL SIZE 60CM DIAMETER: This full size collectible shield is designed to […]

IRONHEART: It starts with a spark [LIVE ACTION-TEASER] “IRONHEART: It Starts with a Spark” is a live action fan-film based on Riri Williams aka Ironheart [a character in the Marvel Comics universe]!! -SYNOPSIS: Riri Williams is a 15-year-old engineering student who started attending MIT on scholarship. Use the stolen materials on campus Riri to design a costume of weapons similar to that […]

Digital painting: Hendo’s Spider-Gwen dress

A digital painting based on Hendo’s Spider-Gwen Cosplayer version. Made in Adobe Photoshop. Video rendering at 60 frames per second! Can see the latest art Follow Hendo’s cosplay on twitter or Instagram @hendoart Royalty Free Music used Artist: Revenge Track: Liquid

Secret Identity IV, Burlesque Cosplay

BAAAMMM !!!!!!! Once again Australia’s PREMIER Neo-Burlesque Collective GALLERY BURLESQUE delivers one of its most popular nights: “SECRET IDENTITY” ONLY with the best Super Hero (cosplay) themed event in town took place on August 11th and 4th issue read them. A night full of music, art and burlesque with the support of Kings Comics and […]