Double Holding Sword Animation Pack, Category Animation

E-Mail: [email protected] FEATURES: High quality animation List of main animations: GreatSword_Stand_idle GreatSword_Stand_Gallop_F GreatSword_Stand_Gallop_FL GreatSword_Stand_Gallop_FR GreatSword_Stand_RunF GreatSword_Stand_RunFL GreatSword_Stand_RunFR GreatSword_Stand_RunB GreatSword_Stand_RunBL GreatSword_Stand_RunBR GreatSword_Stand_pick GreatSword_Stand_pickdown GreatSword_Stand_Dead_A GreatSword_Stand_Dead_B GreatSword_Jump GreatSword_JumpAttack GreatSword_HitFBLR GreatSword_Attack_1 GreatSword_Attack_2 GreatSword_Attack_3 GreatSword_Attack_1A GreatSword_Attack_2A GreatSword_Attack_3A

Trisha Cleveland – Coil Demo Spring 2015

Updated surface reel and a sample of my thesis work included. Hang: Character surface from Yummy: Responsible for character surface and make sure the character fit well with the environment. Modeled in Maya, Render and Renderman. Strawberry surface Create for a solo project. Modeled in Maya, Render and Renderman. Thesis work: Eleonora in Toledo […]