Movie Chart TEN Cinemas until 11pm… Choi Min-sik, a mathematician in Wonderland, is waiting for the second place in advance ticket sales

With Hollywood movies and Japanese animation occupying the top spots at the box office, ‘The Mathematician in Wonderland’, starring ‘Great Actor’ Choi Min-sik, is about to be released. Will it be a blessing for the Korean film industry, which is facing the worst downturn? According to the Korean Film Council’s integrated computer network for movie […]

Movie Chart TEN Another Tom Holland, Japanese animeā€¦ Korean Movie Balman Dong-dong Choi Min-sik Relief Pitcher Waiting

Actor Tom Holland took off his ‘Spider-Man’ mask and shook the domestic box office once again with his new ‘Uncharted’. Following last year’s ‘Devil’s Blade: Infinite Train’, the Japanese animation ‘Theatrical Version: Spell Rotation 0’ was a box office hit. While foreign films attract theater audiences, Korean films are still struggling to release new titles. […]