The number of theater audiences in February, 3.11 million… Lowest level since the operation of the integrated computer network in 2004

[엑스포츠뉴스 김유진 기자] In February, the number of theater audiences reached 3.11 million, the lowest in February since the operation of the Yeongjinwi integrated computer network in February 2004. According to the’February Film Industry Settlement Announcement’ released by the Film Promotion Committee on the 17th, the total number of audiences in February increased by 74.2% […]

Insomnia56 cosple

Cosplay is getting bigger and bigger in every insomnia event. The team keeps the cosplayers in action and interviews some of them. As the director of the video, I made sure everyone knew the briefing of what film and of the best possible quality. I even acted as a camera operator myself, allowing me to […]

Dreams and Adventures Into the World of Concentricity-Hankook Ilbo in the Americas

Excellent short films will be screened at the Snake International Children’s Film Festival, including two Korean animation films,’Ah~Chu’ (top) and’Finger Spring’ (bottom). [사진제공=BAM] ▶ Online screening on the 20th-28th▶ About 60 short stories from around the world, including Korean anime’Ah~Chu!’▶ Distributed by 6 themes by age The BAMkids Film Festival hosted by the Brooklyn Academy […]

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