‘Tomorrow’s Memory’ is not a green light for the box office,’calligraphy effect’

‘Tomorrow’s Memory’ poster While’Tomorrow’s Memory’ is beating other works and recording a high reservation rate, some view it as a’calligraphy effect’. It is said that as various suspicions related to Seo Ye-ji continued, the public became interested in’memory of tomorrow’. However, it seems difficult to say that the controversy related to Seo Ye-ji helped the […]

This place in the memory of Shanghainese is also going to be a goodbye?Used book market and snack bar attract nostalgia_ 东方 Fortune.com

Original title: This place in the memory of Shanghainese is also going to be a goodbye?Old book market and snack bar attract nostalgia On April 16, a reporter from the Morning News came to the Confucian Temple, which was about to start its reconstruction and expansion. As a cultural landmark in Shanghai’s Old Town Xiang, […]

Art and Literature | Behind the hot screening of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” theatrical version: What enlightenment does decades of animation IP continue to attract fans to us_Works

Original title: Hundreds of Artists | Behind the Hot Screening of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”: What Enlightenment Brought to Us by Decades of Animation IP’s Continuous Fanfare EVA is the abbreviation of “Evangelion”. The latest theater version of “The Final Chapter” was released in Japan for four weeks and the box office exceeded 6.8 billion yen. […]