Anime Expo 2011 Recap Slideshow

Anime Expo 2011 took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 30-July 4, 2011. As a member of the Anime Expo Media Team, I was tasked with putting together the Anime Expo 2011 Convention Recap Slideshow. All the footage and photos were taken by the Anime Media Expo team and myself. Shot and […]

SacAnime Winter 2011 FanVid 01

Music: Miracle by Paramore Audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label. No currency exchanges are made and purely about appreciation for those in the video and appreciation of the respective artist as a fan.


This video is part of my university project which is about my experience in animated / funny conventions. Music used in the video from Gillicuddy – “Springish” Army Driver – “Frozen Eggs”

Luna Yanlu Leung 2013 dream high dream

As you can see Miku and Nana are all characters from Japan, and they all have connections to music. I tried to use these two characters to show a world or a story that I want to tell. Everyone has a dream, and some people can use their whole life to search for it. Every […]