Difficult childhood” will be shown at BUBBLE Weekend

‘Major Grom: Difficult Childhood’ movie posters to be shown at BUBBLE Weekend On August 13, Plus Dacha in Gorky Park will host the BUBBLE Weekend festival from the BUBBLE publishing house and Kinopoisk. The event will bring together lovers of comics, games, movies and anime on one platform. Yandex Plus subscribers will get exclusive access […]

Gen Hoshino & Mamoru Miyano will be making an anime adaptation of “Onna no Sono no Hoshi”! Included in Volume 3 Special Edition | cinemacafe.net

It has been decided that Yama Wayama’s manga “Onna no Sono no Hoshi” will be animated, starring Gen Hoshino and Mamoru Miyano. “Onna no Sono no Hoshi,” which depicts the daily life of a certain girls’ school teacher, won first place in the “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2021” Female Edition (Takarajimasha), and was “Recommended Comic […]

Best anime of summer 2022

As part of an irregular column, we talk about the most remarkable anime novelties. This compilation includes the superhit comedy The Spy Family, the 2nd season of the great Lovecraftian adventure called Made in the Abyss, and the unique in style Yurei Deko series from Masaaki Yuasa’s Science Saru studio. “Spy Family” «Spy x Family» An […]

“White Nights of the Postman Alexei Tryapitsyn”

Although the director, explaining his intentions, most of all refers to Chekhov, to whom mythology in this sense is rather alien, nevertheless the film ends with a quote from Shakespeare’s The Tempest: “Where does this music come from? From heaven? From the ground? Is she quiet now?” This is partly about the music of Verdi’s […]

The hot-blooded animated film “Awakening of the Mini World” movie promotion conference was held in Guangdong, with a lively atmosphere and a must-see summer family carnival_TOM Entertainment

On July 30, 2022, sponsored by the Guangdong Film Bureau, co-organized by the Guangdong Film Association and the Guangdong Film Industry Association, and organized by the Southern Metropolis Daily and Nandu Entertainment Company, the “2022 Guangdong Excellent Film Watching Promotion Conference – Animation Film” “Awakening of Mini World” Promotion Conference” was held at Jinyi Cinema […]

Summer Anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2” The morning after one night with Ruka, Kazuya invites Chizuru to rent her… Episode 5 Preceding Cut | Anime! animation!

From the second season of the summer anime “She will borrow”, the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the satisfaction level 17 “Birthday and her -Barkano-“, which is the fifth episode of the broadcast from Friday, July 29, 2022. It was published. Summer anime “She will borrow 2nd season” key visual “She, I will borrow” […]