Cosplay wig – will have

Sell ​​different wigs. Price negotiable! Gray wig, curls, lace front: 15 € Blonde wig, curls (from Wig is Fashion): 20 € Purple wig, curls, bangs: 20 € Orange wig, curls. Pony: 10 € White wig, curls: 10 € White wig, … 26.09. – 10:35 a.m. 4730 Waizenkirchen .

The man is overwhelmed

Suguru Goto L’homme transcendé Date: September 20, 2009, Sunday 19.00 Location: concert stage, warehouse, Kiev, Ukraine Suguru Goto (Concept, Music and Max / MSP / Jitter) Shu Okuno (BodySuit I Performance: Dance, Mime) Bijuree ( BodySuit II Performance: Dance, Mime) Japan Electronics College (3D image support and cooperation) Shinji Sasada (3D image direction) Yuuta Ishii […]

Recruitment of XR Tech-CG, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Digital Artwork Character Design

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