Team GANTZ Osaka ver. (Long)

⚫️ Twitter no Tsui dirt → Character ⚫️ Meruri-san @ melri33 → Muroyan ⚫️ Soso-san @ so_x22 → George ⚫️ Walker @ koyomi_void → Virgin ⚫️ Kyo-san @ SiyQ11 → Kyo ⚫️ Maito-san @ k_ttr_14 → Kyou ⚫ Sumi-chan ⚫️ Flying @KAITOAIS → Miporin ⚫️ Shima-san @MZYSIS → Kuwahara ⚫️ Suzune-san @ suzune04 → Oka […]

Andy Kayes – How Long (Official)

‘How Long’ took to Andy Kayes ’next album‘ Citizen Kayes ’Production ENEMY Films / Kayes Production directed by Jac Vocal: Andy Kayes Composer: Bonetrips & Chicho Cortez Mix / Mastering: Bonetrips & Tony Tandoory @ Studio Polycarpe (www .studiopolycarpe .com) With: Andy Kayes Rodolphe Rosas Rico Cicarelli Christian Benjamin Dolard Christophe Balme Hélène Veilleux Julien […]

Gerald full of Wonder

Gerald Full of Wonder is a short comedy that follows a day in the life of an original comic book store employee who struggles to keep reality at bay while living in a fantasy world in which he is the beloved hero. Almost everyone involved in this production was a cast or crew member on […]


An abstract view of the cyclical nature of love and loss juxtaposed with redundancy in our mundane lives. With the increase in technological advances comes the collapse of human interaction.