Anime Rap MV丨The Fourteenth Five-Year New Rap·Look at China’s New Atmosphere

<!–enpproperty 346657032021-03-09 20:02:33.0动漫说唱MV丨十四五新说唱·看中华新气象 2103380独家策划/enpproperty–> When the “14th Five-Year Plan” meets Chinese style rap Abstract concepts become so concrete and young rappers launched “Fourteenth Five-Year New Rap, Watching China’s New Atmosphere” Most INthe waySing to you the “14th Five-Year Plan” ↓↓↓ hook: Let me draw the new atmosphere of Kyushu with a brush Wanli rivers […]

Stars gathered at the Dream Linkage Headquarters New Year’s show “A big drama to accompany you to celebrate the new year” on New Year’s Day

<!–enpproperty 346156782021-02-11 16:40:14.0明星云集梦幻联动 总台新春节目《大剧陪您过大年》大年初一开播 2110454资讯/enpproperty–> The dumplings she made were delicious, the twist he fried was very crispy, he was very broken in guessing the song, and he was named after cutting the window grilles for the first time… Who are they? On February 12, the Chinese New Year program “Big drama accompany you to […]