Promo freak & tease NERDLESQUE

Best ⒷⓊⓇⓁⒺⓈⓆⓊⒺ ⓈⒽⓄⓌ in town! From cat women biting to mermaid witches, this year’s FREAK & TEASE takes you on a journey through cult movies, pop culture, cosplay and cartoons! Welcome to the magical world of NERDLESQUE! Start Burly Ladies from FREAK & TEASE ACADEMY Hosting by Dahlya Naif

Sumoplay film

The Sumoplay movie tells a story about a boy from Sumotown chasing his dream of becoming a great Rakishi (sumo wrestler). When he’s shy, nerdy and small in size, the boy has always been a target for bullies in school. But with a strong mind, he pursued his dreams with courage and determination. This is […]

Beyond Geek – Episode 1 Preview

Beyond Geek Episode 1: Junk Car Racing Nate Lake joins the ultimate endurance race with 500-dollar cars – the 24 Hours of LeMons. It is a race where anyone can be a racecar driver. All you need is courage, a 500-dollar car, and the right attitude. It’s all between car racing and Halloween where the […]

RETRO REVIEW: bustling bubble

My first video for Vimeo. I am Sarahsgamecollection, the founder and writer for Here on my channel, I want to bring my verdict on some of my passion- Video Games! If you liked this, then please consider checking out my profile for more links to other content a stay tuned for more videos!

Group UP!

The UP group is two stories tied; one is about two members of the cosplay group, Chocolate covers cosplay, and bid to become the USA representatives for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan, and the other chronicles the cosplay team at Athel with Jadekat’s final photo shoot together, commemorating Jadekat’s departure teach English in Japan. […]