For those who like strong butt and imported anime They also tried this as a personal test of Photoshop animation, and to show that anyone – even those who have no idea what anime is – can make a beautiful anime! live animated life! All visuals were created by me, all voices were recorded by […]

Festival Road Trip / Comic-Con

Meet the Uniquely Dressed in Comic-Con 2011 Road Trip Festival ’(24’ doc series) documentary series that travels across the globe to the most exclusive and exciting international film festivals. Focusing on a selection of short filmmaker nominations, each program aims to provide an inside look at the emotions and experiences of those people up for […]


Join a group of cos-players as they team up to discuss how to rid the world of one of the greatest villains ever! Filmed, written, edited, and directed by Jason Salazar. Check out Beyond Forever Studios at: Like them on facebook: And follow them on Twitter: And follow on Instagram:

JUST HAVE FUN 2011 Comic Con En

Highlights from NAKAMA’s brand visit to Comic Con 2011 in San Diego, Ca. Special thanks: Ron Pizarro ( Army of Snipers ( V3PC ( Dissizit! ( Comic Con ( Kevin Durke Video Shot & Edited by Pete Ulatan ( | http: // Song: Santogold – Say-Aha Follow us on Twitter:

Convergence Cosplayers 2013

Hey cosplayers from Convergence 2013! If you know that you’ve had some videos with me, but don’t see yourself in this video, don’t despair! When I first started editing this video, I thought “Oh man, will I even have enough feet to complete 3 minutes? Then I realized that“ Oh crap! I have too many […]

MSP: Ep 7

wow yes it has been while since I uploaded a new ep over here. Well here’s another former podcast but I’m getting closer to actually updating the current episode. If you want to stay tuned to our other podcasts we have so far, go check out

MSP: Ep 5

Yet another old ep podcast for all of us to listen to. as an update for everyone, we are working on our podcast ep 8 and will be more of a monthly podcast. does not mean we got things that came to you that are only podcasting eps, no we got other things to keep […]

Vimeo reel series

A quick sizzle reel in many seasonal Entertainment Level productions. I cut the reel together to highlight shows like Game Changes, Bite Me Season Two, The Continuum, Cosplay Project and more. You can check out all the full shows at the link below.