The second collaboration with the TV anime “BANANA FISH” | | Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Official Website

2022/01/14 The second collaboration with the TV anime “BANANA FISH” February 14 (Month) to May 13 (Gold), 2022 ◇ Reservation: Reservations will be accepted on the official store website from 11:00 on January 20th (Thursday).* The reservation page is currently being prepared.* Reservations will be accepted in stages by dividing the period. Please note. The […]

Mingzhou-infected male went to New York Comic Con, City Hall: Quick admission screening | Omicron | Variant | Virus

More than 50,000 people entered the Comic Con, the city government and the Municipal Health Bureau worry about community spread [Epoch Times December 03, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Lin Yijun reported in New York) The second case of infection with the new variant virus Omicron occurred in Minnesota (Minnesota). Because this case appeared in the […]

Comic-Con returns to New York

New York.– The most pop fair, Comic-Con, has taken ground this Thursday in the city of Gotham, nickname of New York, after the forced virtual editions by COVID-19, which had prevented the most fans of the genre from sharing their passion or their costumes with other fans and with their idols on paper and on […]