Online distribution event “Anime Expo Lite 2021” “Lis Ani! LIVE LA” will be held again this year! ~ LA local time 7/3 15: 00 ~ (Japan time 7/4 (Sun) 7: 00 ~ scheduled) ~

“ANIME EXPO LITE 2021 × LisAni!LIVE L.A.” The largest anime event in North America held every year in Los Angeles, USA“Anime Expo”It will be held again this year as an online distribution event instead“Anime Expo Lite 2021”..The delivery event will be hosted by Pia this time as well.“Lis Ani! LIVE”Will participate as a collaboration event. […]

Korean popular anime song YouTuber “Studio aLf” will be live on mahocast from 19:30 on August 5th! | Press release of STONE.B Co., Ltd.

Popular Korean anime song YouTuber “Studio a Lf” (right photo) and full-scale cosplay rock band “Virtual Romance” (left photo) will perform live on the music distribution platform mahocast from 19:30 on Thursday, August 5th. Decided. In this distribution, “Studio a Lf” and “Virtual Romance” will cover Japanese anime songs such as “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” and […]

The 2021 summer anime / d anime store distribution lineup is very rich! “Turn Sla 2nd Term” “Magic High School Honor Student” “Hamefura X” etc. All-you-can-see fastest delivery! | Press release of Docomo Anime Store Co., Ltd.

■ 2021 Summer animation is also abundantly distributed! The d anime store has a full lineup of 2021 summer anime. Please check the works you are interested in in advance, and wait for the “registration you are interested in” until the distribution starts. ■ “Terrestrial precedence” “Simultaneous terrestrial broadcasting” “Fastest unlimited viewing” is also available! […]

MONDO TV “Cosplay JAPAN” broadcast commemoration Popular cosplayer online photo session invitation campaign! | Turner Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

“Cosplay JAPAN” shoots the coolness and cuteness of Japanese cosplayers who are very popular in the world. This is a MONDO TV original program that introduces the latest goods, makeup, cosplay spots, etc. related to cosplayers in a ranking format. To commemorate the broadcast of this series of programs, we will carry out a campaign […]

The smartphone case for the TV anime “SHAMAN KING” will be released by Think Innovation Co., Ltd.! | Press release of Think Innovation Co., Ltd.

TV anime “SHAMAN KING』ofSmartphone caseWill be released by Think Innovation Co., Ltd.! Think Innovation Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Naoyuki Miwa, Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture), which plans, manufactures, and sells character goods, will pre-order the TV anime “SHAMAN KING” smartphone case on the following site on July 1st. It started from (Thursday). We offer a […]

Realize Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) is a double-sided room key chain for “Anime” Akatsuki no Yona “” on Animo, an EC site specializing in anime and manga, from June 27th to July 15th. PALE TONE series 7 types (manufacturer: content seed) ”will be available for pre-order! ■ Manufacturer: “Content Seed” ■ Sales site: Animo […]

From the anime “Hetalia World Stars” character song & drama Vol.2, images of jackets, luxury benefits, and volume 2 linked purchase benefits have been released! | Press release of Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.

Character song & drama Vol.2 jacket released! Vol.2 is an illustration drawn by animation from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China, and it is an illustration that is based on the image of a snapshot following Vol.1. An image of a luxurious privilege and a bonus for purchasing two volumes is […]