​Genie Music, music animation ‘Bella’s Dream’ box office hit… surpasses 600,000 views

[사진=지니뮤직] The music animation ‘Bella’s Dream’, produced jointly by Genie Music, Tooniverse, and Stone Music Entertainment, continues to thrive. Genie Music announced on the 18th that the number of views of ‘Bella’s Dream’, which was released through the YouTube channels Dragon D and Stone Music, exceeded 600,000. It is expected to exceed 1 million views […]

Anime Mashup – Read Description

Just something I threw together, I couldn’t bother getting more shows off there, just highlighting some of my favorites. Sorry about the quality on Yowamushi Pedal, I had to put them in my head since I only got a raw version of the episode. Animes Featured: Pic Spoiler – Yahari Ore no Seishun (Komachi Hikigaya) […]