Games for gaming fans of all ages at gamesweekberlin in the Colosseum, Booster Space UG (limited liability), press release

With the cosplayers Kohana Aneko, LittleMissBlueberry, Maike Huster and Yona Wonderlust Around 50 game titles in the Retro Area, the Indie Zone and the Nintendo Corner Gaming sessions, tournaments and Let’s Plays with JustBecci, Ollimeee, BuBu and Fishc0p Casual Business Friday: Industry talks and showcases On Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th, gamesweekberlin 2022 […]

WakuWaku Sunday / Offtopic / iXBT Live

A new project from the J-FEST team, not so large-scale and fun, but it’s still nice that such events are organized. Summer, warmth, holiday – a great reason to walk a kimono 🙂 The place of action is the bar association “Profsoyuz”. A bit strange location for such a party, but I’m delighted with it. […]

What`s my favourite anime? (Multiple Choice Quiz)

What`s my favourite anime? (Multiple Choice Quiz) This is a List of Available Answers Options : Jojo`s bizarre adventure My hero Academia Yurichin B club None of the above The best answer is A. Jojo`s bizarre adventure. Reported from teachers around the world. The correct answer to ❝What`s my favourite anime? (Multiple Choice Quiz)❞ question […]