A masterpiece born in the “golden age” of the pachinko super hit maker !![Retro pachinko “CR avant-garde” edition]–Pachimax

The leading role this time is “Kyoraku Sangyo released in 2008.CR avant-garde』。 It is a tie-up machine with avant-garde, which is an entertainment production centered on gravure idols, and about 9 gravure idols who were popular at that time will appear. The cast members are Nanako Fujisaki, Hitomi Kitamura, Yuko Ogura, Naomi I, Shoko Hamada, […]

“Politician” appears in pachislot video !? “Amazing collaboration” is a hot topic !! –Pachimax

In the recent pachinko / pachislot battle videos, it seems that “collaboration projects” are being actively carried out. Projects in which performers from other channels collaborate with each other are popular, especially Maruhan Channel’s “Iron man of the rotating bodyIs probably the most watched video at the moment. Talks between popular performers alone will make […]