Anime Zombie Love – Photoshop Coloring

Coloring Photoshop – CGing Time Lapse + Tutorial notes. Zombies are not deep – they love a girl for her brain! From first pencil drawings and tablets to clean pencil lines with digital colors and Photoshop CS5. Anime and Camtasia. This shows my work process in Photoshop. This took several hours to color and condensed […]

Anime girl Nikki – coloring Photoshop

Coloring Photoshop – CGing Time Lapse. From first draw pencil with digital ink and digital color with Photoshop CS5. Anime and Camtasia. This is Nikki, my original character, who has undergone a new outfit and makeover and demonstrated my work process at Photoshop. This took 8 hours to color and condensed in about 4 minutes! […]

Pretty Face – Anime Style 2

So you’re in the anime look? Many people are. In response to several requests, we will try our hand at the popular Japanese animation style of character design! So get on board and grab your supplies. A beautiful figure (for beginners) in three quarters look coming straight, so Draw it with me! WEBSITE: