Cosplay wig – will have

Sell ​​different wigs. Price negotiable! Gray wig, curls, lace front: 15 € Blonde wig, curls (from Wig is Fashion): 20 € Purple wig, curls, bangs: 20 € Orange wig, curls. Pony: 10 € White wig, curls: 10 € White wig, … 26.09. – 10:35 a.m. 4730 Waizenkirchen .

3DCG animation “Biohazard: Infinite Darkness” is now available on Netflix! Commemorative sale for PC / PS / Switch | Game * Spark

Netflix is ​​a popular survival horror game “Resident Evil3DCG animation based on the series “Biohazard: Infinite DarknessIs now available. This work is set a few years after the nightmare of Raccoon City. In order to uncover the truth of the mysterious virus incident that hit the White House, it is produced as a horror action […]

New animation video introducing “Rainbow Six Siege” new operator “Thunderbird”[E3 2021]| Game * Spark

Ubisoft is being held in the ongoing “E3 2021”「Ubisoft Forward」At, Year 6 Season 2 of the tactical shooter “Rainbow Six Siege”North StarWe have released a new trailer. The released “I met a pilot” is an episode animation that introduces the new operator “Thunderbird” that will be implemented next time. “Thunderbird” is a defending operator who […]

Report on Crest Gaming’s female e-Sports team “Crest Gaming Iris” presentation!Rika Amane, Nori Otonashi, and Renchimu talk about their enthusiasm for the activity | Inside

Today, May 28th, an online presentation of the professional e-Sports team “Crest Gaming Iris” was held. This is a team of female players newly established by “Crest Gaming”. At the recital, Rika Amane, Nori Otonashi, Renchimu, who have decided to participate in Crest Gaming Iris, and Riran, a gamer talent, will appear. He talked about […]

“Netflix Geeked Week” will be held, where follow-up news such as the anime version “Cuphead” and the drama “The Witcher” Season 2 will be announced! | Game * Spark

Netflix will be hosting a livestreaming event from June 7th to 11th.Geeked WeekAnnounced that it will be held. This event features 1930s-style charactersAnimated work of the popular game “Cuphead”「The Cuphead Show!And the drama that was shot in AprilThe witcherVarious news, new trailers, big news, etc. about works such as Season 2 will be announced. The […]

The latest information such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba Hinokami Blood Wind Tan”, new visuals and battle mode is released! –GAME Watch

In the February 22, 2021 issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published by Shueisha) released on February 8, Aniplex will provide the latest information on the devilish battle action game “Kimetsu no Yaiba Hinokami Blood Wind Tan” currently under development. Published. The release platform is PS5 / PS4 / Xbox One / Steam, scheduled to be […]