Busan City builds and operates an animation culture and industry nurturing platform

Busan City has applied for the ‘2021 Resident-led Regional Balanced New Deal Excellent Project’ contest by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, along with the Busan Animation Association, Busan Social Economy Network, and the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency to establish an ‘animation culture and industry promotion platform’ Operation business’ was finally selected. The […]

Sejong University, ‘2021 Manga Animation Tech & LINC+ Art Exhibition’ held from 20th to 28th

Poster for ‘2021 Sejong University Manga Animation Tech & LINC+ Art Exhibition’./ Sejong University Sejong University’s Manga Animation Tech major announced on the 16th that it will hold ‘2021 Sejong University Comics and Animation SECAN (Sejong Comics and Animation) & LINC+ Art Exhibition’ at Sejong Art Gallery on the 1st basement floor of Gwanggaeto Hall […]

Winston – photo from BDGpics – Events

Welcome to Zoom.nl, the largest photography community in the Netherlands! You have found the place to not only share your most beautiful photos, but also to help each other further in photography. Give and receive valuable tips, feedback and maybe your photo will be published in Zoom.nl magazine! It’s free (forever) and every photographer is […]