PlayStation has a huge 2022 | Dead Space | Role Playing Game | Rainbow Six_NetEase Subscription

From console exclusive games to multi-platform releases, it is clear that the PlayStation brand is absolutely huge before 2022. PlayStationIn 2021roll outA number of excellent console exclusive games have been created, among which Ring of Death, Ratchet and Clank: Rift and Return have all become must-have PlayStation exclusive games. However, PlayStation’s 2021 is a bit […]

There used to be an explosion. “DEATH STRANDING” is the 2nd anniversary today on November 8th! –GAME Watch

The action-adventure game “DEATH STRANDING” for PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / PC developed by KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS is just the second year since it was released today on November 8, 2021. [[“DEATH STRANDING” English audio / Japanese subtitles / launch trailer 4K]] “DEATH STRANDING” is the first title released by KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS. This work has […]

Anime Superstar E3 2011 event cover

Jarell Hall of Anime Superstar covers E3 in LA, CA and talks to several manufacturers and producers about their upcoming video game release. Producer: RomeDigs Videographer / editor: RomeDigs Music: Justin Lugtu Host: Jarell Hall

New Star Wars is not canon

New Animated Series Recently Released “Star Wars” – all nine episodes appeared on Disney + Star Wars: Visions (Star Wars: Visions). “Visions” Is an anime anthology, with each episode telling a separate story in a different animation style. He invites fans Star Wars the opportunity to look differently at the franchise. Actually “Visions” not part […]