Enako x Marine Houshou, Moe Iori x Shirogane Noel “Yangjan” Holo Live Collaboration –KAI-YOU.net

“” Released on August 5th (Thursday)Weekly Young Jump]Seven Net limited benefits are released.Holo liveAnd management companyPPECollaboration clear files of affiliated members are lined up. I collaborated withEnakoWithMarine HoushouMr. Miss,Moe IoriWithNoel ShiroganeMr. Miss,Kokoro ShinozakiWithShirakami FubukiMr. Miss,Saki MiyamotoWithTokino SoraMr. Miss,ManatsuWithMinato AquaA total of 10 people. In addition to the clear file that everyone gathered, reservations for “Weekly […]

Enako, cover of 15 magazines in a month Jack (probably) the first feat in the gravure world-KAI-YOU.net

Cosplayers·EnakoAppeared on the cover of 15 magazines in August. Titled “Enako Summer Cover Jack Capane“Starts. This project crosses multiple publishers, starting with “Bessatsu Young Champion” and “Manga Action” released on August 3rd, and ending with “FLASH” released on August 31st. Out of all 15 magazines, all 13 application tickets targeted for the campaign were collected, […]

The official book of the masterpiece anime “Odd Taxi” PUNPEE x VaVa x OMSB talks are also included –KAI-YOU.net

TV anime “Odd taxiOfficial book “Odd Taxi Official BookWas released on Monday, July 5th. Interviews with performers and production team, including a dialogue between voice actor Natsuki Hanae, who plays the role of Otogawa, and Mahiro Takasugi, who plays the role of Hagaki craftsman Nagashima, as well as talks between PUNPEE, VaVa, and OMSB who […]

“Cardcaptor Sakura” Mini torso with three-dimensional anime OP costumes –KAI-YOU.net

TV anime “Card Captor SakuraYou can use it in the shape of a battle costume with accessories.Capsule Torso Cardcaptor SakuraIs commercialized. 4th week of JuneIt will be released sequentially at capsule vending machines installed in toy stores, mass retailers, home appliances stores, etc. nationwide. All 4 kindsAnd the size isApproximately 12cm..the price is500 yen each […]

[Photo]Cosplay event “Cosket” The sun is smiling at the co-starring of beautiful women –KAI-YOU.net

Doujinshi spot sale event centered on cosplayers, models and cameramenCosket(Cosquette) ”Was held on June 20th at the Sumitomo Mitsui Building Triangle Square in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This is the second time for “Cosquette”, which is still a new spot sale event. At the venue, popular people such as Akira Itsuki, Ai Uehara, Ogura, and Ikumi gathered. […]

Cosplayer Moe Iori talks about the manga “I” s “that was the origin of the stage name Masakazu Katsura on the radio –KAI-YOU.net

Cosplayers·Moe IoriRadio “Moe Iori’s CHUCHU Tuesday ~ Night Fukashi Radio ~, A manga artist Masakazu Katsura will appear as a guest. 『Movie Girl』『I”sThe heroine of “I” s “, which is the origin of the stage name” Moe Iori “, with Katsura-san, who has released popular manga such as” ZETMAN “.Iori AshizukiTalks such as the reason […]

Kizuna AI and Enako co-star in the 5th anniversary live singing together beyond the dimensions –KAI-YOU.net

Virtual YouTuber who is also active as a talent / artistKizuna AI(Kizuna AI) will hold a birthday live to commemorate the 5th anniversary. “Wednesday, June 30th at Zepp Haneda”Kizuna AI 5th Birthday Live “A.I.Party 2021”As a guest of “CosplayerEnakoHas been revealed. The two have co-starred on the cover and top gravure of comic magazines and […]