Enako and Iori Moera’s unit “PPE41” new song is a summer pop tune – KAI-YOU.net

Enako-san, Iori Moe-san, Shinozaki Kokoro-san, and other popular idols in the cosplay and gravure world.PPE41However, the 2nd single “Onegai☆Destiny” will be distributed and released on Wednesday, August 3. Following the 1st single “LIE! LIE? PANIC!!”, the lyrics and composition were written and composed by singer-songwriter ZAQ, and arranged by EFFY. Prior to the release of […]

Mecha-mechanical banknotes are cool Cyberpunk x Japanese style = strongest! -KAI-YOU.net

Whether it’s “Blade Runner” or “Cyberpunk 2077”, the compatibility between Japan and cyberpunk is guaranteed. In other words, if Japanese-style banknotes shine in cyberspace…coolThat means! 「It’s so bright!A video posted on Twitter with the words “. In the video, you can see the letters on the banknote printed on the acrylic plate glowing red, along […]

This is how the Comic Convention is done…

In our capital the event of the pop culture The most important in the country, the Comic Convention Lima 2022, which has been delighting all its fans since last July 26 and will be until this Sunday, July 31, at Arena 1, in the San Miguel Beach Circuit. For this edition they will have international […]

Yuki Igarashi, who is a hot topic in “Jujutsu Kaisen” ED, establishes an animation studio. Produces MV for Gen Hoshino –KAI-YOU.net

animation”Jujutsu KaisenYuki Igarashi, who became a hot topic for drawing the ED by himself, is an animation studio “OUTLINEWas established. It will be the first workGen HoshinoThe music video for his song “Different World Mixed Dance (feat. Ghost)” has been released. OUTLINE is an animation production group that holds Studio Colorido, which produced “Penguin Highway”.Twin […]

Anime “Chikawa” “Broadcasting started” ── Chimera appeared, until now it was not even an introduction –KAI-YOU.net

NaganoOriginal animation “Chiikawa]A popular character in the 16th episode “Chimera / I don’t like it”ChimeraHas appeared. With the broadcast of “Chimera,” which is one of the most popular episodes in the original, the anime “Chikawa” has been attracting the attention of fans of the original at once. Not only cute, but dark “Chikawa” “Chiikawa Something […]